The California High Speed Rail project is way over budget and way short on funding. Even the High Speed Rail Authority concedes the current funding plan will fall short. The non-partisan Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) says there is “no complete funding plan” and the burden would likely fall on the backs ... Read More
June 1, 2018sfenaroli
Law Enforcement & Victims Right’s Groups Back Cunningham SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA- Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham has been endorsed by the Santa Barbara County Deputy Sheriffs' Association and Crime Victims United of California.  "Jordan Cunningham has been a real leader on fighting sex trafficking in the Assembly.  He understands the Central Coast and represents us well," ... Read More
May 31, 2018sfenaroli
SAN LUIS OBISPO- Local Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham has been endorsed by the California Small Business Association (CSBA). According to their website, “the California Small Business Association is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit, non-partisan organization that makes its mission to provide small business with a meaningful voice in state and federal governments.” “You have ... Read More
May 29, 2018sfenaroli
BY SPENCER COLE California Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo) came to Santa Maria on April 20 with one goal in mind—to spread awareness about human trafficking. "It's the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world," he told the Sun before speaking in front of a small crowd of concerned citizens, local politicians, and ... Read More
April 26, 2018sfenaroli
Last week, Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo), along with his colleagues on the Select Committee for Career Technical Education and Building a 21st Century Workforce, were honored by the California Industrial and Technology Education Association and Foundation (CITEA). During the 89th Annual CITEA conference held at Cuesta College, CITEA leaders ... Read More
April 3, 2018sfenaroli
 Our local Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham and State Sen. Bill Monning both deserve a great deal of credit for their role in securing $197 million in state transportation dollars for San Luis Obispo County to fund key improvements to the Cholame “Y” intersection of Highways 41 and 46. This section of highway ... Read More
April 2, 2018sfenaroli
Assemblyman hails decision as ‘hard-fought victory for public safety and the Central Coast’ –The California Transportation Commission approved nearly $134 million in project funds to construct an overpass at the Cholame “Wye” (Route 41/46 intersection) in San Luis Obispo County. The new overpass will create an important grade separation at the interchange ... Read More
March 22, 2018sfenaroli
KSBY | March 17, 2018 -  Two state lawmakers representing the Central Coast introduced a bill Friday expected to address local impacts of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant closure. Senate Bill 1090 is intended to ensure a smooth transition for the community once the power plant closes down - by making PG&E pay ... Read More
March 17, 2018campgeek
The Tribune | March 16, 2018 -  San Luis Obispo County might get that $85 million Diablo Canyon closure settlement after all. State Sen. Bill Monning and Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham announced co-authored legislation Friday that would give San Luis Obispo County the full $85 million settlement for economic mitigation initially proposed by PG&E in its ... Read More
March 16, 2018campgeek
–Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo) is leading the effort to fund the California Gang Reduction, Intervention, and Prevention program (CalGRIP) in this year’s state budget. Cunningham has also introduced legislation to help victims feel safe bringing forward information about gang activity. Both proposals are co-sponsored by Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia ... Read More
March 2, 2018sfenaroli